Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook

Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook

Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook is now available!

This book is written for those who wish to emulate the Ruling Two Dark Lords of our Order by constructing a Temple to their own power, the power of Vril and the glory of the Empire. It is based on the experiences of the Two in willing into existence the first Temple of its kind in this universe – the Black Temple – which is their nexus of power in this world.

In this book, the Dark Lords will introduce many new concepts – words, symbols, rituals, temples and metaphysical notions that will challenge your existing modes of thought. For we have opened a portal through which we are bringing new ways of being to this world – new religion, new language, new magick, new aesthetics, new philosophy, and a whole new age of civilization. And the dark heart of this new civilization will be our Axis of Temples – Temple of the Sith, Temple of Lam, Temple of Dracula, Temple of Demons, Temple of the Shadow, Temple of the Green Dragon, Infernal Temple, Temple of Xoth, Temple of Lucifer, Temple of the Jedi, Black Sun Temple, etc. – that we shall describe herein.

So read on, and learn of things which few in this age dare dream of: the unlimited power of Black Temples, the secrets of their construction, and the dark rites conducted there. Learn to speak the Black Tongue of our kind, and invoke dark forces from beyond. Learn to worship at an altar to your own power, the power of Vril and of the Dark Lords’ Empire. There is no going back, nothing to lose, and no turning the Black Sun from the sky. So join our dark crusade if you dare; the Aeon of the Black Temples begins here!

~The Ruling Two, Imperial Year 5, Month 6 (February, 2016)

To receive additional information about becoming a Templar or attending the Academy, proceed to and complete the more information form.

Temple of the Sith: Sermon Kit

These items – the hardcover, full color book “Sith Academy: The Path of Power”and the matching altar band/armband – have been charged with the Force power of the Dark Lords and will be signed upon request in our Black Tongue. They are ideal for those who wish to practice and propagate Sithism as expounded by the Dark Lords. Be forewarned that these items are sacrilegious and unholy. They must be kept together, with the altar band wrapped around the Red Star book ever so tightly to contain its Force Power!

Note that If you are a disciple of Sith Academy, you may use these items for Challenge 7, described in your Red Star book, to deliver a video sermon as part of your Dark Lord training. To get an idea of what a Sith sermon looks like, watch some of our sermons at or at our Dark Lords Amazon page. Caution: Use these items at your own risk; we offer no other instructions except to learn to master the dark side of the Force by using powerful sermons and rituals that transform yourself, fellow Sith, and the world! To see a video about the Sith Sermon kit, visit:

Rak am Chod! (Power to you!)

~The Dark Lords of Sith Academy and Temple of the Sith



The Protocols of the Sith Illuminati


In the modern world, a small Order can have far greater success against competing religions and ideologies by using words, ideas, symbols, rituals, propaganda, art, web sites, technology, etc. than through physical warfare. Creating militant cells and organizations is likely to get you thrown in jail or killed; spreading infectious ideas – also known as memes – could make you the next great world power.

I have many ideas for ways to use memetic weapons to our advantage, but I won’t share them here with the uninitiated. Suffice it to say that we Sith must master the mechanisms by which religions and ideologies are spread and people’s minds are colonized, and begin harnessing them to our aims. We must become masters of memomancy if we are to achieve power in the modern world!

A good role model here is a very ancient tribe of followers of a warrior-prophet, who have survived every attempt by empires to wipe them out for millennia, and emerged as a shadowy global power far out of proportion to their numbers. I’m speaking of course of the Jews. If you study them, you will see that they have done exactly what I am suggesting we should do to acquire power. Hardened by centuries of conflict, they have used their intellect, creativity, will and spiritual strength to memetically transform whole societies, acquire vast wealth and control political systems. From Rothschild, Marx, Herzl and the Bolsheviks to Edward Bernays, Ayn Rand and the neoconservatives, Jews in modern times have given birth to some of the world’s most potent and disruptive ideologies.  In many ways, such Jews are the closest thing to real Sith operating in the world today.

The point is, it’s not the 12th century anymore; you don’t gain power with armies of unskilled fighters. So it is wise to follow the Jews’ example and begin training thinkers, technologists, writers, politicians, priests, businessmen, engineers and artists into the elite of our Order. We need to be competitive among ourselves to bring out the best in each other, but unified against our enemies. We need to build an esoteric Order which can survive and thrive for millennia, no matter what the world throws at us. We need to create a historical bond of shared struggle and spirituality which is unbreakable. We need to make our Temple the nexus of our religion and our power on this planet forever. In short, we Sith need to become the new Jews, and heed the wisdom of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

  1. Our right lies in force. The word “right” is an abstract thought and proved by nothing. The word means no more than: Give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.
  1. Where does right begin? Where does it end?
  1. In any State in which there is a bad organization of authority, an impersonality of laws and of the rulers who have lost their personality amid the flood of rights ever multiplying out of liberalism, I find a new right – to attack by the right of the strong, and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct all institutions and to become the sovereign lord of those who have left to us the rights of their power by laying them down voluntarily in their liberalism.
  1. Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.

Perhaps it is time for the Dark Council to compose a “Protocols of the Sith Illuminati” to guide our Order toward the kind of success the Jews have recently enjoyed? Fellow Darths, I await your proposals…

The light side lie.

Modern world society reveals great deal more about the nature of the Dark Side and its “will to power” than any one individual can possibly achieve. World states act in ways toward each other for which individuals cannot possibly gather the strength to do, for the simple reason that these states do not feel the responsibility for their actions as do individuals. The behavior of the world states is that of conquest and war, acting in accordance with the “will to power”. The world states are very capable of dividing and administering both labor and executive powers among its subjects in a manner that no single individual feels as though he or she bears any significant responsibility for the governing world state’s actions. The world state instill in their subjects such values like obedience, duty, loyalty and patriotism, yet demonstrates apparently tangible values such as strength, pride, and justice. Every subject is driven to serve in its interests.


Global belief systems however have and still continue to inhibit individuals to harness their strength to act in violent ways towards one another by means of moral indoctrination. Individuals are inhibited in their natural behaviour. “The will to power” in the individual usually can only be found in a myriad of disguised forms. Feelings of guilt and fear of capital or divine punishment for breaking moral and legal laws prevent most from acting in a natural way. Not so with the world state. A clear indication that the true nature of mankind and the Dark Side within is one of violence.


The state suppresses the natural, violent instincts of the individual in its assertion of power in an effort to keep each and everyone at the level of the herd. It is fear of those who would attempt to act upon these natural instincts to seek power, freedom and sovereignty to sit at the top of the heap. Those who do or even try to act upon their instincts are branded as criminals and are removed from society. In this respect, all the so called heroes or Jedi for that matter are also criminals to one degree or another because they are individuals who stick out from the crowd by acting in a way that goes against the conformity of the social herd.

Sith, be a living God!

Never have I experienced such great physical, mental, emotional pain in such a variety of areas in my life as I have done since starting on the Dark Path at places like Sith Academy. It makes me laugh when I read the intellectuaIisms, advice, threats, affirmations, challenges, bullyings… I read on the on line Force communities. There are no words to adequately reconstruct that pain. I am not even sure that I want you to know. This is my gift! So get off your computer chair and find out for yourself. Unlike those who claim to be “Sith”, “light Sith”, I have absolutely no intention of helping anyone.


On the Dark Path pain is virtually guaranteed right from the very first step. The type of pain which stretches every muscel in your body to snapping point; feels like the very flesh is being torn from my bones; sets you up alone on the pinacle of Everest in the middle of a crowd; drives you insane at the mere glimpse of your image in a mirror; turns all people you know into your own personal hell; leaves no room for feeling or emotion; and every step you take forward feels like you`ve already walked a mile.

This is the medicine of the Dark Side. Poison can indeed be turned into medicine within the body… but the caveat is that in order to begin the alchemical process, the poison must be ingested. In the same manner, in order to discover our greatest power, we have to experience the greatest pain. I felt right down to the marrow of my bones, that without that pain I have no impetus to grow, develop, evolve beyond a person in pain and evolve to a person who is the embodiment of power.

Stop to try stopping the pain!

Focus on the situation!

Feel the despair!

Feel the frustration!

Feel it as if it’s a living force inside of you!

Intensify it…

…until you feel like your body is about to be torn apart…

…until you can’t stand it any more…

The pain becomes ecstasy..


The living god within you awakens!



No one, no creature, no thing, no concept, no not even this great universe can escape the great universal law of Decay. Overwhelming, it evades its antithesis of growth, prosperity and progress. Intangible, its effects as its appearance are as variable as its host individual. Unstoppable, its thirst is only then quenched when the last drop of blood of existence has been shed. Decay is the base reality of the complexity of every hope, vision, struggle, or order. The Death of Potential.

A town realizes its vision as a city. A city spreads its wings of suburbia, only to envelop the “slums” of a once so proud heart, and inevitably suffer an a cardiac arrest of bankruptcy.


Ecological forests exhale their last breath of oxygen and bend their knees to the cooing of irresistible grasslands. The mighty savanna bleeds its last drops of nutrients at the bidding of merciless deserts.


Creatures suffer their pathetic experience of form, existence and reproduction only to answer to the inevitability of extinction.


Communities bear the yoke of oppression whipped on by the tentacles of conquest. The King of the castle falls off his hill, breaking his crown on the hard ground of republicanism, which sounds its all to human empirical call over the roof tops of the world, devouring itself from within.

viminac 2

Decay is as old as time itself, existing before, beyond, and amidst mankind. The fate of this world and universe is clear.


Echelon One: Personal Journal of Darth Scion


My personal journey of how I got where I am today.

“Your dark side strengths, weaknesses and passions are evaluated. Your commitment to the Sith Path is tested. You begin to create your Sith persona and learn about Sith ideology.”

From a young age, I have always been a person of isolation. I never liked people, never liked to be around people. I always kept to myself. Most people had found that strange. I had become someone who was in the background, I kept quiet, I observed people. I learned to read people, their intentions, their potential actions. If they were being honest or not. If ever the need arose I was one who whispered in the ears of another, guiding a person’s actions with my suggestive tone then gone again.

Later in life I had boasted about having a high pain tolerance, and I showed the proof of it as well. With my nature as uncaring as it was, I didn’t believe I was going to go far with being as I was. I decided to change myself for what I believed was to be the better, instead I only found myself getting weaker. Weakened by my own stupidity I fell from who I once was. I was unable to control my anger, my irritation my emotions. I no longer had control of myself. I was not who I once was. I had felt myself weakening, physically and mentally. It was quite a pathetic thing. To feel it, and not know what to do to counter such a thing.

It was then that I began to search, an inspiration outside, to inspire me from within. For a time, I had found it, however it did not feel quite right. So my searched had continued, through the search I may not have found what felt right, however I did begin to grow more powerful. I got in touch with my higher consciousness, yet I still hadn’t been satisfied, I looked to grow more powerful, I had found a place. A dark place, this place had techniques I could use, to empower myself even further. I felt comfortable here, I felt myself. I felt as strong as I had when I was isolated from everyone. Even this power was not enough, I had to get more. I had to become fully at one with my whole self, and I had practiced, for many days astral projection among other techniques of meditation and yoga all while incubating the darkness within me.

I discovered another dark power, one that took me on the path I am on now. Without this dark power entering into my life I would not consider myself Sith. I wouldn’t even consider calling myself such a thing. Within this entity I took on training, I became an Apprentice to a great Dark Lord, and a very inspirational teacher. It was he who guided me to cultivate myself as Sith, under his tutelage I felt my abilities grow. I undertook different names, different identities under my Master each one, each phase growing stronger and stronger. Without my Master I would not have learned things necessary to help me grow at as fast a rate as I was growing. I had learned many things, from new forms of yoga, to new meditation techniques. I was inspired to read particular writings on individuals which held great power in their lifetime, to learn from them. To understand the meaning behind their success and power. However, on my constant never ending attitude to learn more, too quickly I had bypassed particular bases within their system. I worked on what I needed to and was too eager to learn the next teaching. It proved to be a horrible base, one that became yet another downfall. At this time, I was too fickle in many of my decisions, in my choices. And with uncertainty came an expected outcome.

Yet again, life pulled me away from this path. Swayed by empty promises, I began to weaken again, I lost all inspiration from myself, and as that began to dwindle so too did my power, and my connection with the force. I barely managed to hold a fraction of the power and abilities I once had, they were dimming with each passing week. It was there that I showed signs of weakness, I knew myself, I understood myself, I had tried to attain something that was not necessary for me to be successful, it was wishful thinking and a pipe dream. I began to slow down on many things, many efforts that I had made, were slowed to a point of rest, I lost motivation, I lost in a sense, my will to live and survive. I did not find many things enjoyable, I only focused on the empty promise, and that consumed me, it became my weakness for without it I felt like I was nothing. Looking back on it, I hold animosity towards such feelings that I once held, it was pathetic. I was a fool to fall so low and not see through it, see through how I was slowly attending my own funeral, for the man that once was there was but a shadow of what it was. It wasn’t until my dream was shattered and revealed as a lie that I began to realize the foolish path I had taken, one that I have held regret for. However, I do not feel such regret any longer. It had done something to me, all at once it broke me and strengthened something within me. For a time I could not perceive the benefit of all that had transpired in the moments to come to that dream’s demise. This dream, made me slither into the depths of what could have been greatness.

It wasn’t until recently that fate had a hand in giving me another opportunity to regain my power. I had been shown back into the darkness, the force was guiding me, giving me my redemption  and to recultivate this dark force I have within me. I will not squander this fortunate and prospective opportunity. I have been given a new name, and the dark force within me, is beginning to make it’s presence known, as I continue to feed it, that power grows as does my strength both physically and mentally. It is this dark power, the dark power and my earthly being they are connected as one. And with the completion of the first part of my training I have learned to shed off any weakness that remained. I am growing stronger every day, my sensing capabilities are returning to me, stronger than I have had them in so long. Each day that passes, I am more sure of myself and my passions. Nothing will stop me from achieving my grab at power, at success. To make a legacy. Every moment that passes, I bide my time. Strengthening myself until I am ready for the world to know me, to truly know me, and what I am capable of. I have returned to the Sith Path, and I strive to become a Dark Lord, and I will remain loyal always. I will not stray from this path again for this path is who I am. Pain has been my teacher, the lessons it taught me were many, but they made me stronger, and I will continue to learn from as pain is eternal. So too, is my soul. And I strive to make my legacy as such as well. I will be honest, I thought I was progressing well in my training. however with the time that I had put in, I assumed it was enough to progress me far. I had only just realized, with the words of my Master, that I had only just completed the first step in becoming a dark lord, and that first step happens to be Echelon 1. The phase of evaluation. It just comes to show, no matter how far you think you have come, there is still so much more to go. To drive you ever forward towards reaching the ultimate goal. I intend to complete my training, and I will do so with dedication, and work harder than I ever have before to reach total endarkenment.


Pain is by no means anything bad. It teaches many things, and one can learn to conquer such pain and use it to your advantage.

~Darth Scion~


Hell, is the other.

Who am I? Why is a chair a chair, so full of itself, leaving no room for consciousness of itself or another? Who are you really?

Unlike the chair we are in it for ourselves, we are not what we are, we are what we are not. Consider the masks we care to wear day in and day out, they are not us. We are on the one hand free to be who or what we want to be, yet we are really not…


Pick any person you know! Consider the role you play in that person`s world. So full of themselves why are you then not what you are? It seems that we are only what we really are when we become food for the worms, when we are dead. It is the next person who reminds us of that fact, the fact that in reality we are ignorant without any shape of form. They may very well depict us as being human, but we are not them. Like the chair we become in their eyes who we are in themselves.

This is bad enough, but we really can’t even shape what object we are in their world. If you’ve ever done something you were forever labeled for, you know what I mean. If you trip and fall on your face the first day of school, for many of your fellow students, you are the kid who tripped on his face the first day of school. You cannot stop people from defining who you are in their world as they see fit. Racism is a clear example of this. We are all people, but for some when they see a person with different coloured skin they form a clear image of who they are based on this fact alone. Clearly most people would prefer it not to be the case.


So hell is other people because we can try and force the others to see us in the way we want them to see us, but they will always see us in the way they want to see us. The form which is easiest for them in most cases.


Sith Intelligence Report: Possible Jedi Temple


2/8/Year 4 of the Imperium

First, a vision:

As General Shaddo of the Sith Imperial Army surveyed the barren sands of the Mojave desert, there in the distance, high on a plateau, he spied the mighty Jedi Temple. The General motioned to his second in command, who wore the Imperial Sun insignia on the sleeve of his black uniform, and calmly announced: “There it is: the Temple of the Jedi. Call in the atomics strike now. Annihilate them!”

~From the Legend of General Shaddo

In the coming years, there will be a galactic crusade to establish many Temples of the Sith, as well as numerous Jedi Temples, throughout this planet. We now have reason to believe that this War of the Temples is about to begin.

In the days to come, there will be an announcement somewhere on the Internet that Temple of the Sith has succeeded in building this planet’s first Sith Temple, before any Jedi group has done so. However, there is a new faction called Temple of the Jedi ( that has announced their intention to build the first Jedi Temple on this planet, and called for people to join them.

Here are the statements of these two Temples:

Temple of the Sith Statement:

As we gazed up at the stars of the galaxy and realized that our Temple of the Sith would be this planet’s first Sith Temple, and the Jedi Temples are nowhere to be seen, we hailed it as a sign that the Dark Age of the Imperium has begun!

We claim all nations, all planets, all stars — they are ours. With the construction of our Sith Temple, we lay claim to this entire galaxy, and establish the Force nexus of our new Galactic Empire.

Hail to the Empire and long live the Sith!

~Darth Ravenus & Darth Imperius, 9/1/IY3, Temple of the Sith

Temple of the Jedi Statement (from


We are inviting all Jedi to help us do what the Force is guiding us to do: construct the world’s first real Jedi Temple, and dedicate our lives to the spirit and religion of Jediism.

~Padawan Ravi-kwan of Temple of the Jedi

If you would like to help us build a Jedi Temple, contribute writing, or otherwise become involved in this project, please contact us at

May the Force be with you…

Imperial Directive:

All members of the Sith Imperium must be vigilant and on the lookout for intelligence relating to this Temple of the Jedi and other manifestations of the Jedi plague. We will be sending operatives to monitor and disrupt this organization, and will keep you informed of new developments.

Death to the Jedi, and long live the Sith!

–Darth Ravenus



The Sith Empire! Create your own reality!

What about the Mythos Middle Earth, the Star Wars Universe, the Garden of Eden, Olympus…which psychologists so fondly call the subconscious, the sleeping mind? Most are very much aware of the existence of such places where ever they may be, be it in a corner of a library, in references for some lecture, within the confines of an institution or just plain within the Dark recesses of our minds. It is not for nothing that the eyes, however, are said to be “windows to the soul”! While the waking mind scans the light of the world for the tangible, those very same iris`s are conversely letting the light of the world shine upon a landscape as individual as each person, full of beauty and darkness alike. Like a Bengali tiger it is without a doubt the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It can be our best ally as it can also be our most terrible enemy.


It is howling wind whispering in the back of our minds, a raging storm when our lives are inexplicably out of control. No Mythos is the same just as no person is. It can save our lives, just as it can destroy the same. I can only imagine that most if not all of us have harboured deep down thoughts like “I am just not good enough!” And I am equally sure that many of us can attest to the fact that we have led unhappy lives as a result. The cultural Mythos responds to this personal drama as a affirmative mantra.

Let’s take a look at another example which you may even be able to relate to. How often have you woken up a bit later than you should have, and the first thing you think is, ‘I just know that it’s going to be one of those days again’? You jump in the shower, only to realize there’s no soap. You finish up and head to the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee before work, and what happens, you end up spilling coffee over yourself. By the time you get to work you firmly believe that it’s definitely going to be one of those off days. Once in your office you’re faced with several problems and just when you think things cannot get any worse, they do.

Now, if you’re like so many others, you’ll simply put it all down to coincidence but the only problem is, there is no such thing as coincidence. Instead, everything happens for a reason. In fact, it’s usually your subconscious mind which is the reason.

Many people have already tried to explain this phenomenon in scientific terms, as can be seen in books like ‘The Secret’. Even though it has proven to be extremely difficult to explain, this phenomenon has however become known as the ‘Law of Attraction’. This law states that a person’s subconscious mind actually creates reality rather than only influencing it.

Even though this may sound rather crazy, the fact of the matter is that it is in agreement with quantum physics. In fact, it has even been proven at a subatomic level, in that matter is intrinsically linked to the mind of the observer. Interestingly enough, many ancient religions have been trying to tell us of this ever since man can remember.


What you need to bear in mind is that because you can create your own reality with your subconscious mind, it is possible to create a reality of your choice. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in history have become wealthy simply because they have consistently believed and visualized themselves acquiring a vast amount of wealth.


Mind Meditation

halfThere are so many different types of meditations you can find on the internet, so here is another that one can try out.

Sit in a meditative position, or lay down which ever you feel like you can get into a trance faster with and do so in a dark room, one you feel you can be free and have little distraction. (However laying down, if tired has the potential to fall asleep) Repeat any kind of mantra you would have, that truly can connect with you, the darker the better. When you get to the point of being physically relaxed and mentally stimulated keep going until you start to hear a sort of buzzing or ringing like tone and focus on that. Keep focus on it for a time until you feel confident enough that your mind won’t wander. Then, imagine your consciousness falling into the abyss that is spread before your eyes and focus on what makes you angry, passionate, spiteful, fill yourself with the strongest dark emotion you can, visualize that emotion merging with the dark energies around you, with the will, the intent to become one with it and that those energies fill your body, feel that power, that force in your physical body and focus on the feeling for the remainder of however long you wish to remain in that state.

Darth Ezerial’s Apprentice Hunt


It had been three years since I became a Darth, I had learned everything I could from my Master. He had me study a seemingly endless amount of Sith holocrons. The fool was getting older every day, though his body doesn’t age, I can see it in his eyes, he was becoming weaker not by much but maybe enough to surpass him. All my time spent with him, under his supervision I had learned from the holocrons. However, in my spare time I practiced a particular skill he taught me. It was one of the most powerful tools in the Sith arsenal, the ability to mask my Sith presence from anyone and anything, such a deceptive trick. I practiced outside, with the beasts from this jungle planet we were on and as a final test, I made my way to a Jedi infested world, I was at the height of honing the power, feeling confident I walked, I even walked inside the Jedi temple for a moment, entering into that place, I felt dirty, disgusted but it was necessary. Only a few got suspicious which I took as a good sign. I killed my Master, caught him off guard in his sleep and when he realized it it was too late, I had already severely damaged his internal organs and crushed the outer-rim of his brain. I took his secret supply of holocrons and the holocrons he had been working on.

I learned from them used those three years to perfect all his teachings and the teachings of the dark lords before him. I had decided it was about time that I seek out an apprentice of my own, I let the force guide my hand traveling to places which felt right, seeking candidates who could potentially be my right hand. I arrived on a swamp planet called Abraxin this was the strongest pull from the force. I was certain I would find someone here sure enough, the force showed it’s hand and drew me to a welcome chance encounter. At a small Cantina where I sat down to observe and have a drink, I noticed a man who by the looks of him wasn’t doing so well, he had many extra drinks. I watched him.

I pulled a string or two on the mind of the bartender to give him a couple more past his limit. He made quite a ruckus and was taken outside and beaten for spilling a few local secrets. There it is I thought, the final push for this man to become my pawn, my… apprentice. I did not want to miss this opportunity so I started for the door as the 3 local thugs came through with blood no their hands. “Perfect.” I thought to myself. When I got there the man was beaten severely and a fracture here and there, silently I helped the man up. “Greetings, stranger I couldn’t help but notice you are in need of assistance.” The words were like bile in my mouth. “ge-geh tha fuh away from me!” Half stumbling and trying his hardest to keep straight. “yuh has no buhnih wieh me.” This man was quite the character, built like a worker, dressed in fine clothes but not too fine and the sense of the force with him which likely led him to his success before whatever luck brought him this. “Oh, but I believe I do.” Slowly extending the force into his mind pushing the thought and planting such a seed within his mind. The man looked doubtful, half resisted such a push. (Excellent, this one does have potential) “My name, is Ezerial, and I have a proposition for you.” speaking in a cool, low tone with a cold smile forming at the corners of my lips. “Suh- Suranae is my name, ple-” with the stranger at his limit he passed out and fell flat into the mud.


Burning Desires

When I took my first steps into the Darker Side of metaphysics, something in me awakened. Something that has been growing ever since. I have always been fascinated by death, I have thought about murder, many times it has crossed my mind in the middle of the night. However those are just thoughts, a way to strengthen the darkness within me. However this, this is something different, it began with just feeling more natural with my hair and nails long. It was a comfort kind of thing, slowly I began to feel urges of wanting to rip into someones throat, to feel their blood covering my hand, my finger tips to feel it pool down into driblets and drop, even have enough collected to run down my arm.


It was always a thought that made me smile, it made me happy when I was displeased or in a down state of mind, ever still even without the practice of dark metaphysics, I began getting a desire to bite into a persons flesh, to feel the blood in my mouth, to feel the persons flesh squeeze with pressure. Writing even now I have to clench my teeth because the feeling is so strong. To rip into someones throat and watch the life slowly leave their eyes.


However I cannot do that, as much as I want to. However that does not stop me from wanting it, and with every dark thought that passes through me, it strengthens my dark side, it ties me deeper to the connection of being Sith, I have no doubt that this dark desire and my path to become a mighty Sith will go hand in hand. Will strengthen my connection to the dark force energies within and around this world, this plane of existence. Perhaps one day, I can fulfill the desire to do so or at the very least, partake in eating human flesh maybe see about cannibalistic places where I myself will not become the meal… Preferably.


Words of Power

All throughout history, there have been symbols and pictures, both used for divine and not so meaningful ways. They all hold a form of power, energetic magic that the subconscious mind picks up on. People who are more attuned to the different energies given off can feel such things. All forms of religion major and minor have used symbols.



Each of these symbols have power, even symbols used by anyone and everyone. Why is it they have power? Simple answer to the question is it’s the people. The people, their intent or belief that gives power to all things. You imbue collectively so to speak, the more intent and energy put into such symbols and what they mean the more powerful they are. The more a symbol is focused on the more a person would put their intent and meaning behind it therefore it’s power. Spoken words are quite the same. The more intent, the more passion into the words, the more powerful those words become, the more charismatic the person is, the more people have a tendency to listen. The reason isn’t just that they’re charismatic, it’s that their energy, their will is putting a power into those words that entrance the listener. Words, Symbols, Pictures each have power, but the power is from all the people that have made it so, not just in the word itself.


As Sith we too have our own Symbolism. The symbol of the Black Sun



The symbol in my personal opinion, is a calling to those with darkness in their hearts. The future Sith, the sith who sleep and are in a torrent of confusion thus far in their lives. To stir within them power, and passion.

The Imperial Sun


To show people our force, that we will not bow to any other Empire, for we are the age of a new Empire. Lastly, one of the more powerful symbols of the Sith

The Skull Sign


A symbol that instills awe, dedication and power to our order. Even now, it radiates power waiting for more physical manifestations to grow even stronger.

The Death of a light side consciousness.

Have you ever felt like you are completely alone in a room full of people? My present jobs do their best to rob me of the ability to easily settle and relax into life with others as I once could. This is because of the invisible nature of chronic pain. It`™s impossible for those around me to engage with how miserable the pain is making me feel on any particular day, as it does day in and day out. I look the same as I always do.

I sometimes have to engage others who have not the faintest idea of what it feels like to loose your identity at work with an extremely heavy heart. Managing quietly with an extremely heavy and tired mind, body and soul. Exhausted with a heart ready to explode out of my chest.

Despite how I looked to others, whilst in pain I felt burned out. My world view adopted a slanted and distorted perspective to such a degree that it seemed like I was looking through a prism glass. Everything and everyone seemed to act differently to me whilst I was fighting with my very life.

the scream

Spending time with people who are painfully drowning me with sympathy only helped to enflame my disgust to a rage as in reality I had none for them. Trying not to rock the boat unless absolutely necessary, led me to being unusually quiet, recoil for the kill at the first wrong move, all deepened my sense of isolation even further.


I was trapped within a swirling tornado of thoughts and feelings surrounding my pain after my flesh had been torn to shreds and the bones they draped crushed to dust. Worries, suspicions, and the endless thoughts drilled through my head endlessly as I tried to focus my mind on what I was supposed to be doing as well as coping with my pain. Silence only made the pain more intense! As the anxiety washed over me until the pain was unbearable. No form, no consciousness, no pain, just darkness!


A Dark Order for the Ages


The Sith exist.

The Sith have always existed.

The Sith always will exist.

We have been at the core of your earthly societies, manipulating the balance of power. We have been the men you most fear, and some you most admire. We have been the Kings, Khans and Tsars, building our mighty empires. We have been the dark philosophers, conquering prophets and tyrants. We have been the black priesthoods and evil cults down through the ages. We have been the mad scientists and sorcerers, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and power.

In this day and age, we adopt the title “Sith”. We do this because it captures the essence of our vision, our philosophy and our way of life. We do this to fool the mundane and lure the unsuspecting. We do this because we have been so commanded from across the multiverse, by the last Sith Lord of a dying galaxy far, far away.

The power of the Sith has waxed and waned down through history, but it is ever-present. We are always there, at the birth of new orders, when men of war and lust harness the Dark Force to overthrow the old and weak and renew the rule of the strong. But as a new peace prevails, light side priesthoods consolidate power and their white magic spreads, our influence often fades. So we return to the shadows, waiting, scheming, working covertly to hasten the fall of the civilization and the end of the age.

Inevitably, an age of strife and discontent returns, as the civilization begins to succumb to the diseases of the light side: enervation, stagnation, decadence, complacency, lack of fighting spirit. Only then do the Sith re-emerge in force, to sow discord and inspire passion in a new generation of dark side revolutionaries. We have been called many names during this phase – Terrorists, Satanists, Communists, Fascists, Revolutionaries, Gangsters, etc. – but none of these is our true name.

In truth, we are the Sith, a Borgazûl u-Vozugz – Dark Order for the Ages – and we are always with you.

{ Note: Dark Lord Mortose contributed to the content of this post. }

The sacred world of Darkness.

In all my religious experience I have experienced the division of our world into two distinct separate and opposing parts, one containing all that is sacred and the other profane. The sacred is seen as being „consecrated, devoted, set apart or dedicated to religious use, entitled to veneration or worship, something that is not to be violated or breached„. More often than not this has appeared to me to be used as a justification or even excuse to justify the existence and actions of the world religions and their leaders. This attempt to instil awe and worship for the supposed “greater good” has helped to promote a two classed society undermining the value of the profane, material, secular or “creation” for that matter. What better recipe for enabling power of the few over the many, making and keeping people dependent, justifying wars, getting rid of uncomfortable people, making political moves… . This division I have not only experienced on a social level but also on one as an individual. There was always a time set for praying, working, resting and playing. Religious activities were reserved to particular times, days or dates, the rest of life had nothing to do with these things.


What does then sacred mean to me as a Sith? Above all the sacred is a lot larger than the above experiences I just described above. It is all embracing, leaving no one or anything out; it is inclusive, leaving no part of our lives out; it is a source of liberation and not one of limits. The sacred is passion, it is friends as it is enemies, it is family as it is the despised, it is my work as it is recreation, it is the earth I walk on as it is the air I breath, it is a bright summer`s day as it is a terrible dark storm… . It embraces all those things that are there for us to use, enjoy and take, it is the essence of life itself. It is the natural process of life and death and the acceptance of that. Since the sacred is liberating and enslaving, inclusive and exclusive, embracing and negating, giving and demanding, living and dying, it requires communication. To sum it up: the degree of „sacred“-ness depends not only on the sum of life in its entirety but also on the degree to which we are prepared to open our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits to that. Sacred is the universe and our rapport to that same universe. It is our vision of a Sith Empire and our relationship to the same.

One picture which comes to mind is the cow. For the Hindus it is a sacred animal for others a commodity to survive. The sacred says a lot about how we experience things. It is very much a part of our day to day choices. No one has the power to instrumentalize this or deny another‘s spiritual experience of the sacred. It is a part of who I am, of who you are. And yet what each of us holds sacred is not for ours to keep. They are legacies which we have to be able to let go of and have the right to claim as ours. Hence the principle of the “rule of two”, Master and Apprentice, Power and Craving, life and death. We have to accept the inevitability of the death of the ones we love and hate, and of that which we also possess.

The sacred is not just a collection of experiences from individuals but it is also our connection with our past, with a thread of like minded, Sith culturally thinking people. In turn we can be therefore connections with our future, with generations of Sith to come who will stand there and experience the same sense of power that we experience now.

So where does that leave me? I am a Knight to the Holy Grail of Darkness, a Master of the Universal and an Architect of Power. Someone who comprehends, embraces, and claims a universe for the taking, just as I do my own mind, body, emotion and spirit. I will not be told what is sacred but I experience that for myself. The Absolute Truth is out there and I want it. By facing my past, present and future I broaden my own horizons as I do my vision of a new Empire.


Sith killer instinct!

What are killer instincts? It the ability to correctly predict, through careful study of a situation and experience, the correct outcome of each and every scenario you face. It allows no room for mistakes when interpreting and calculating the consequences of a situation. It is a developed innate ability to always be master of the situation. The killer instincts is the Sith way of saying luck, “Screw you, I don’t need your help.” It is beyond innate gut feelings everyone shares. The killer instinct enables a Sith to perceive an enemy others do not, a Sith Empire where others see only a galaxy etc. Like the Sith Empire the killer instinct in Sith is more than just survival it is about a vision, knowing the right time to finish off the enemy, knowing what the opposite is going to do before he even gives it a single thought etc.


The killer instincts allows a Sith to make the first move, think big and feel confident in decisions even if that means going against the grain.


“I wonder if I’ll ever get over feeling responsible for her. That same day when my blood innocence shed her last drop. When I felt that last crack of life, when I felt that first scream of life, how everything changes! My mind numb at the the enormity of it all. Her angry screams disolved in the cruel face filled with despair. I did not understand it myself. I knew right down to the pit of my stomach it was a sacrifice I should never have allowed her to make. I stare at her before me now. I hear her scream to my inhuman sounding name, which housed an unspoken curse, thrown at my feet, I was left only to guess what. Her voice right to the very last gurgling syllable said it all.  Her fear of loosing me was my decision to make. My choice was set just as it was from the very beginning. “You brought me here! You take me away!” It seemed as if in that moment I had spent all my life preparing for that very moment, like a tree she was felled to the ground with an almost soothing thud, I began to live. I found the place where I belonged. That day had come. “It happens with everything I love. They leave me!””

If your thoughts are void then so will your Destiny!

Here is a special message for all those cyber squatters, leeches, and grandiose loud mouthed role players who like to play Sith…reading this…

For others possible points of interest if not usefull tools…

For me it was a long and painful process which proved itself… to the realisation of a functional family unit, a job promotion, a firm standing as an individual…

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.


I discovered over the years how my character, and my character alone, dictated what direction my life would take be it success or failure. That is all that really passes for destiny. It is for me to choose. No one else can give nor deny that me. No rival can steal it from me neither. Sure, others can be encouraging to make the right choices or otherwise discouraging. But the choice is mine!

“If humanity is not to grow sufficiently strong to become a master of the machines that it makes, the present civilization of slavery to iron wheels pounding to the rhythm of lust shall stand, indeed, condemned. But in case we can grow into a self-mastery in ourselves, sufficient to rule over the forces of nature that we have released, certainly we shall preserve our secular endowments and come to live served by them as a Sultan of Destiny.”

-Swami Chinmayananda

The nature of food for example tranforms particular to who consumes it. With a bull it becomes horns, with a human it becomes hair, with a fish it becomes scales… . And yet a human cannot be told to grow scales, or a fish horns… .

All of existance including forms of life which exist in our universe, carry their own individual Destiny. A stone, a plant, a creature, a planet… have their own individual Destiny. By doing so they preserve their own uniqueness.

Destiny I believe is that which through life has accumalated inside, only to appear from inside you when it becomes active, even when you don`t expect it to.

… if your thoughts are void then so will your Destiny! Go back to the nothingness you came from and waste space else where!